Update schedule

LAST UPDATE: DEC, 16, 2017

This is our first update!

  • Forms were added:
    • Placement
    • Insurance
    • Lending
  • New information from the community has been added to our site.
  • Suggestion page was added and we would love hearing any feedback you have to offer us. We are always trying to improve this site for the Tiny Housers out there!
  • Update page was added, this page will be where you can find all past updates to the site and our future plans so you can see how we are progressing. You can expect the updates to be bi-weekly but they may be sooner depending on how large or small they are.


  • Rating algorithm will be added, this will enable you guys to vote on how reliable a source is.
  • Crowd funding tab will be added.
  • Bot protection will be implemented, so you know the ratings are reliable and accurate!
  • IP distinguishability will be implemented, this will make sure everyone can only vote once on a topic, this will keep everything fair and accurate.
  • About us tab will be added, just so you can know who is behind this site and what our story is.